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I believe you know what Grabox is. If not, Grabox by Faconn provide you 5-8 Awesome Full sized beauty products.

Unboxing becomes important as the products in the box are different every month. Vloggers are doing an awesome job at it but sometimes it happens that we dont like a particular YouTuber unboxing video. That time to be very sure, We like to know what other YouTubers are saying about the box.

We have created a complete list of unboxing & Review Videos by all YouTubers.

Products in the Apr 2018 Box

  1. Faconn Aloe-Melon Gel-Rs.250/-
  2. Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Peel Off Mask – Rs.200/-
  3. Faconn Cedarwood Essential Oil- Rs.300/-
  4. Nail Filer with Cuticle Trimmer – Rs.90/-
  5. Black Kajal – RS.149/-
  6. 2 x Wet Tissue – RS. 40/-
  7. Pearl Powder – RS. 70/-

Playlist || Faconn Grabox Apr 2018 || Unboxing & Reviews by all YouTubers

1. Unboxing & Review by Sonam Mahapatra

Liked the Box

Explore more details about the box such as when can you expect the delivery, what all box items are sent every month, how do they curate the box etc.

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