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TheMojaClub will send you one pair of freshly designed high-quality socks every month

  • How We Make the Box: We carefully choose every pair of socks we send out and don’t worry, you’ll never get the same one twice
  • Box items: One awesome pair of socks
  • Quality: 70-80% combed cotton, 15-20% polyamide, 2-4% elastane with 100% funk
  • Delivery: 3-6 working days

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TheMojaClub Monthly Socks Subscription for Women & Men

Focused to make socks that people are proud to put on every morning. We aim to achieve this through unparalleled product design and quality.

Designs: Are all crowd-sourced, and feature works from designers across the world.

Quality: Manufactured using the highest quality combed cotton, poly-amide and elastane.

The blend ratio used is optimized for a balance of comfort, breathability, insulation & style.


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Q. Do I get to pick the socks I receive?
No. It wouldn’t really be a surprise then would it? We carefully choose every pair of socks we send out and don’t worry, you’ll never get the same one twice!

Q. What are your socks made of?
Our socks are composed of largely 70-80% combed cotton, 15-20% polyamide, 2-4% elastane with 100% funk. Sock composition may vary slightly based on the pattern and design. This is due to the requirement of different yarn proportions to accommodate the designs.

Q. So you offer only one size?
Our socks use a blend of materials that allows for elasticity. This means they can fit a range of foot sizes comfortably. This range covers sizes 4-8 (UK) for women and sizes 6- 12 (UK) for men. This covers 99.66 % of all adults. As for the balance 0.34%, we do extend our apologies.

Q. I didn’t like this month’s sock. What do I do?
Simply post it back to us with the inner cardboard seal unbroken and we’ll send you a new one!

Q. What happens if I get damaged socks?
Our socks go through rigorous quality control. Should you somehow receive a delivery containing damaged or wrongly packaged socks, we will send you a new pair of socks.

Q. Is there any special aftercare required for these socks?
Yes. Like any premium product, it requires a little bit of more care than your run of the mill sock. Hand washing is recommended for tumble drying to increase the life of our socks.

Q. Why do some socks have a different feel from others?
Depending on the intricacy of design, different socks will require a different amount of thread ratios. This results in slightly varying levels of thickness and elasticity.


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